Club penguin igloo contest

Club penguin is having their annual igloo contest, and they are going to have a total of 43 winners. that’s not very many compared to the total number of penguins, so here are some tips from an avid igloo-er.


  • Do make it creative, make it something the judges don’t normally see
  • Add a personal touch, like a special piece of furniture you made
  • make sure to enter your igloo, when you edit it resend it


  • Don’t make it to crazy or wild, then the judges might not be able to tell what it is
  • Don’t make it to personal, using mostly items you made in the item making catalog place
  • Don’t use all the spaces allowed in inventory, you may think it would look nice, but it might be too crowded for the judges

I hope these tips will help you win the igloo contest.

from: Slugbug21


About slugbug21

I am the owner of AP, the Aqua Protectors of cp. we are currently the newest army in cp as of Jan. 8, 2013. I also own a club penguin help site called slugbugs cp help site. we are currentley looking for new recruits in AP
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